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Business Address Services

From: £1.99 / month


Use our address at Companies House as the Registered Offices address of your business. This keeps your own domestic address hidden. Your Registered Offices address is where all Companies House and HMRC correspondence with be sent.


We forward all of the company mail you receive from Companies House and HMRC directly to you through Royal Mail at no additional cost to you.

When you register for our Registered Office or Director’s Services address service we’ll send you a welcome email and will ask you to upload proof of ID and proof of your address. When we receive this you can start to use our service that day.

A Registered Office and Director’s Services address is for Government mail only, we do not accept general correspondence under this package. Any other mail will be returned as ‘Not at this address’.

All mail received throughout the week will be kept in the secure area in the mailroom and will be scanned and saved to the client portal on a Monday. The program will email you as mail is saved.

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