Rent a Mailbox in Glasgow City Centre

We offer Glasgow's most affordable Mailbox Rental service

If you are looking to rent a Mailbox in Glasgow City Centre or Fort William then City Mailboxes is the place for you.

With locations in St Enoch Square and Fort William we’ve got you covered for mailbox rental.

Our Mailbox Rental service (often called mail holding) is the most secure in Glasgow as we only allow access via key fob entry which perfect for people who can pop in and access their mailbox in person. It’s open 6 days a week and you simply pop in and open the box with the key and fob  you are given. Simple! It’s perfect for people who work from home and don’t want their private address appearing on mail or company communications.

Our service is used by home-based businesses, freelance workers, sales representatives,  and new business startups, in fact, anyone who wants a secure place for their mail.

Individuals who are either between addresses or who move address regularly or who live in shared accommodation use our service to ensure that they don’t have to redirect mail or have other open their private mail, ensuring that they never miss important mail and allowing them the convenience of not having to change their mail address on multiple occasions.

Your mail is delivered to our office and stored in your own secure mailbox awaiting collection by yourself. Your mailbox will never be accessed by a third party without your consent.

Unbeatable Prices
Our service is very cost-effective too and costs from under £2 per week which we’re sure in saying is the cheapest mailbox service in Glasgow or Fort William. We have various packages available to suit your own requirements. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you? Mailboxes are available on the day you order so there’s no waiting.

We don’t just offer a secure mailbox service though. you can choose to have your mail forwarded to your home address. If you have a limited company you can register our address as your business address, ideal for those who work from a domestic address they want to keep private and company Directors who don’t want their private addresses appearing on websites such as Companies House.

The service we get from City Mailboxes is brilliant. We use both the Mailbox rental, mail forwarding and occasionally hire a meeting room and the staff are always excellent and friendly”.

David Scott, Freelancer, Hamilton