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If you are looking to rent a Mailbox in Glasgow City Centre or Fort William then City Mailboxes is the place for you.

With locations in Gordon Street and Maryhill Road in Glasgow, and Fort William we’ve got you covered for mailbox rental.

Our Mailbox Rental service (often called mail holding) is the most secure in Glasgow as we only allow access via key fob entry which perfect for people who can pop in and access their mailbox in person. It’s open 6 days a week and you simply pop in and open the box with the key and fob  you are given. Simple! It’s perfect for people who work from home and don’t want their private address appearing on mail or company communications.

Our service is used by home-based businesses, freelance workers, sales representatives as well as new business startups, in fact, anyone who wants a secure and private place for their mail.

Individuals who are either between addresses or who move address regularly or who live in shared accommodation use our service to ensure that they don’t have to redirect mail or have others open their private mail. This ensures that they never miss important mail, have total privacy and the convenience of not having to change their mail address every time they move.

Your mail is delivered to our office and stored in your own secure mailbox awaiting collection by yourself. Your mailbox will never be accessed by a third party without your consent.

Unbeatable Prices
Our service is very cost-effective too and costs from under £4 per week which we’re sure in saying is the cheapest mailbox service in Glasgow or Fort William.

We have various packages available to suit your own requirements. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you? Mailboxes are available on the day you order so there’s no waiting.

If you have a limited company you can register our address as your business address, ideal for those who work from a domestic address they want to keep private and company Directors who don’t want their private addresses appearing on websites such as Companies House.

City Mailboxes offer the best mailbox rental service in Glasgow and Fort William. Unbeatable for value, unbeatable for reliable service. 

What does the Mailbox Rental service cost?

Standard Mailbox Rental £14.99 per month order this >
Large Mailbox Rental £34.99 per month order this >

Choose Your Payment Terms

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We have various payment options, from monthly payments to yearly and two yearly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you work from home you can use our address as your business address and have all of your mail sent to us. This keeps your home address compete private. If you live in shared accommodation having a Mailbox means nobody else will have access to your mail and you can pick it up whenever you like.

Yes, we offer a Registered Office Address and Directors Service Address services. You can use these addresses with HMRC and Companies House and keep your own address completely private. Having a Mailbox only is not sufficient to register this address with HMRC and Companies House. To do that you will have to choose a Registered Office Address and Directors Service Address package.

Yes. We will need to see original photo ID such as a Passport, Driving Licence or similar as well as a recent domestic bill such as a Council Tax bill or utility bill. It should be under 3 months old.

We do not charge any administration fees. You are asked to pay a £20 deposit which will be refunded whenever you close the account as long as you have adhered to our Terms and Conditions of use.

You can cancel your mailbox with one month’s notice. There are no penalty fees. If you have complied with your Terms and Conditions of use you will have your £20 Deposit credited to your account.

Yes. If you need larger mailbox simply call us on 0141 648 9274 and we will upgrade or downgrade your package.

You will be given a key to our office and a PIN number to access your mailbox. The office is unmanned for a portion of the day but is fully alarmed and monitored with a CCTV system. When mail arrives we put it into your box and when you arrive simply use your key to enter the office and your PIN code to enter your mailbox. When you close your mailbox it will automatically lock.

Yes. Small parcels can be stored free of charge for 7 days. You will be emailed and if you have not picked up the parcel within 7 days a 50p per day storage charge will be applied.

You can see our Terms and Conditions here.

No. You will have to visit our Mailbox location to pick up your mail.

On the Mailbox Rental page click the Order Mail Forwarding button and purchase it as you would any other e-commerce product. You’ll also have the option to add Mail Forwarding and Registered Business Address services too if you wish.

Mail can be collected from Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm not including Bank Holidays.

Yes. You’ll have to give them your key and PIN number and ensure that they respect our Terms and Conditions when accessing our property.

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