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Looking for the best Registered Business Address service in Glasgow? You’ve just found it.

Have a Glasgow City Centre Registered Business Address for only £5 per month and keep your personal address private.

Get an excellent Glasgow City Centre registered address for your company, regardless of where you base your business.

All businesses in the UK must register an address for official correspondence with HMRC, Companies House etc… This means that your address will be made public and will be visible on the Companies House website and the various Director Check websites.

For a variety of reasons you may not want this, especially if you work from home and want to portray and professional image to your customers.

Potential clients or customers can see where you trade from using software like Google Maps and might be less than impressed when they see a domestic address as your place of work.

The solution for many people is to have a registered address at an attractive business location. That way prospective customers aren’t put off dealing with them and Company Directors can still enjoy their privacy, separating their business and private lives.

Virtual office addresses are a completely legal and accepted way to list your business address and are used by many thousands of people all over the UK.

When you rent a mailbox from us and use it along with our registered mail address product mail arrives at our office in your name and we simply put it into your Mailbox.

What does the Registered Office Address service cost?

Registered Office Address £4.99 per month order this >
Directors Service Address £2.99 per month order this >
Combined Registered Office Address and Directors Service Address £6.99 per month order this >
Additional Directors Service Address £1.99 per month order this >

We require to see satisfactory evidence of your business identity in accordance with MLR and we will carry out full identity checks in accordance with the latest legislation. This applies to all Sole Traders, Limited Companies, Partnerships and PLC’s.


Get a prestigeous City Centre address and keep your own address private for business corrospondence for only…



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All companies must have a registered office address so that HMRC and Companies House can communicate with you. If you work from home you and have no other business address you would have to use your domestic address for this which would be made public to everyone. Using our address for your registered office address allows you to keep your privacy.

You can use one of our locations as your Registered Office Address and we will keep a copy of your statutory documents on file for inspection should it be required. We will keep any official mail from Companies House, HMRC and other agencies for you. These can be scanned and emailed to you on request.

No. You will have to collect it from your mailbox.

We do not charge any fees for Registered Office Address or Directors Service Address setup.

If you are a company director or officer of a limited company you need to provide an address where you can be contacted. This address is public and is shown on places like the Companies House website. For this reason, many people do not like to use their home address and will use a service like this for a Directors Service Address which keeps their information completely private.

As with our Registered Office Address service, we will keep any official mail from Companies House, HMRC and other agencies for you. These can be scanned and emailed to you on request.

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